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Tailor Made solutions

The design stage is the key to allow for efficient production and customization in line with the customer’s expectations. This is why Vimercati has an in-house technical office entirely dedicated to the design of machinery.

The company's staff takes care of all aspects concerning design and calculation. It is also available to customers to develop tailor-made feasibility studies and required machine tooling, to meet all the production needs of each customer as best as it can.


The production process of all machinery starts in the structural work department.
All matching parts of machine body components are oxy-cut and then milled before being assembled to guarantee a strong structure with no stress.

To achieve a homogeneous response to stress, all the uprights are made with the same sheet of metal and cut in the same rolling direction.

Vimercati devotes special attention to the quality of S355J2+N materials, which are all rigorously certified.


All the mechanical components are made in the in-house machine tools department that brings together milling centres, lathes, boring machines, grinding machines, lapping machines and other new-generation equipment used to manufacture top quality pieces with extreme accuracy and precision. The manufacturing choices have led us to obtain, already during the preparation phase, a machine body with great geometric precision, in order to minimize the removal of material during the subsequent boring phases, thereby avoiding potential overheating and deformation of the structure.

In the same plants we also make cylinders obtained from a single block of C45 steel to avoid welds that could affect functionality. 



In the company’s plants there are two systems used to paint the machine’s structures. There are also two departments used for assembly and testing, and this is where assembly of the machines with all their components takes place: electrical, electronic, hydraulic, measuring and moving parts. 

Vimercati carefully selects its suppliers among the best leading companies worldwide in the supply of commercial components by purchasing directly from the parent company. To keep the entire production process under control and guarantee the highest quality, the wiring of the electrical panels is also carried out in-house.

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