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CASE History

Case History Tecno Steel


More EFFICIENCY and greater SPEED The TECNO STEEL case: how it made its production more EFFICIENT and FAST.
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3 Elle srl

3 VIMERCATI BENDING PRESSES AND THE ADVANTAGES OBTAINED In this video, Mr. Carlo Rossi, production manager of the 3 Elle srl company located in the province of Florence, talks about himself and
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La Minciotecnica

A CUSTOMIZED BENDING PRESS A bending press built on the customer's production needs. In this video Mr. SERGIO STRULLATO, owner of the company LA MINCIOTECNICA located in the province of Mantua which
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WHY CHOOSE A VIMERCATI BENDING PRESS? In this video, Mr. Lorenzo Barba, owner of the Lorinox company located in the province of Parma, which deals with the construction of equipment for
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